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It’s not the paper that builds the relationship. Our focus is on getting to know people to create the right connections.

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About Us

We’re a boutique talent acquisition firm based in Miami, Florida with one big focus: relationships. We believe in getting to know businesses and people to make those intangible but vital connections that yield lasting results. Whether it’s a single key position or a large-scale project, we place emphasis on people, personalities, and company culture first.

Jeremy London, our founder and principal, has first-hand appreciation of the impact people have on businesses. He started his career in public accounting but pivoted into consulting when he was presented with an opportunity to join a staffing company start-up. This company grew exponentially and became one of the fastest-growing firms in the nation; and Jeremy was at the heart of it all. But, as the company’s methodology changed, it lost the sight of the most vital part of staffing: people.

So, Jeremy developed a human-centered approach that focuses on knowing candidates beyond their skills and qualifications and companies beyond their job descriptions. The result? Meaningful connections that last.

Welcome to LNDN staffing.

Let’s connect.


Can I send you my resume even if I’m not near Miami?

Yes, we’d encourage you to. We recruit for jobs nationwide and can arrange virtual interviews.

Do I have to pay for this?

No. There’s no cost for job applicants, even if we connect you with a job.

I submitted my resume and answered your questionnaire. What’s next?

Thank you for submitting. We’ll review your profile to determine if it matches any of the positions we’re currently recruiting for. If so, we will contact you to set up an interview. We receive new jobs daily, so even if we don’t have the perfect match at the moment, we may have one for you in the future. So we’ll invite you to stay connected until the right position for you comes along.

How should I answer questions in an interview?

It’s ubiquitous to hear career coaches, hiring managers, or executive recruiters advising candidates to use the CAR interview technique – in fact, I first heard about it in college in an interview preparation course.

Why is the car so popular?

Well, the CAR (Context, Action, and Result) is popular because it works. It helps show how you apply your working style, skills, and knowledge to various career experiences. It allows the interviewer to understand how an executive candidate will react in any given situation.

We advise anyone looking for a job who’s not familiar with this technique to read up on it. It’s easy and, most importantly, effective.

After my interview, how long will it take to be placed in a job?

This time frame varies and depends upon how your experience fits into active openings. It can take one day at the earliest if you are a fit for the positions we’re working on, or longer if we don’t have a fit. We get new jobs daily, so maintaining a close connection is recommended.

My company is not in Miami. Can you still help me?

Yes. We have clients nationwide.

What’s your fee?

It varies depending on the scope and complexity of the position(s). Click here to schedule a one-on-one consultation to find out more.

It was great to meet you. How long will it take you now to find my people?

This varies, but once you become a client, it is our priority and our job to find you the best possible talent as quickly as possible.

Do you offer any guarantees?

Yes. Suppose the talent we connected you with resigns or is terminated within 90 days of her/his start date. In that case, we will refill the position for no additional fee or offer a prorated credit towards a new position.

What do you look for when making matches?

We look at skills and experience, of course, but we also look at other things that can’t be expressed in a resume or a job posting, such as company culture, candidate disposition, personalities, and long-term goals.

Why should I work with a staffing firm? /

Employers save time and connect with better performers. Talented candidates find more fulfilling jobs that match their drive.

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